Get started in minutes No installation, configuration or setup consultation required. Provide amazing support in minutes
Zero maintenance No reed to maintain servers, an IT department or a webmaster. Helprace is ready to use out of the box so there’s no need to waste time setting up bulky software
Intuitive agent console An agent console that’s so easy to use, your grandma could use it (and teach your dog, too!)
Adaptive smart search Search more than the phrase. Fast, powerful full-text search, with stemming and fast near real-time indexing
Instant help and suggestions Search suggestions engage customers when they’re trying to submit a ticket or question. Eliminates the need to contact support
25% higher agent productivity 25% of agent productivity is linked to a ticketing system. Make the most of your support team
52% reduction in tickets 2/3 of customers prefer self-service over contacting support. A knowledge base deflects support tickets by 52%
25X+ engagement 1/3 of customers wish companies did more – engage users right on your site with a feedback community
Increase customer satisfaction Customers are just as happy to give help as they are to receive it. Helprace offers customers an actionable path to a solution
Customer Portal
Global search Helprace cross-platform search works across your support portal, including Community, Knowledge Base, Widget
Mobile-optimized The support portal is designed to work on your iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices
Custom-branded Upload brand assets to your support portal to reflect your company’s image
Customizable portal views  Customize your portal homepage and space pages. Show or hide channels, feeds and more
SEO-optimized Every page in the support portal is SEO optimized and leads back to your website
Apps Apps allow you to enable or disable various Helprace components: Community, Tickets, and Knowledge Base. Configure your Helprace portal to match your customer service strategy
Domain alias, mapping Assign your own subdomain and use an existing email address with your Helprace
User portal customization Customize your user portal and feedback widget with your own stylesheets, tag, header and footer
Ticketing System
Email look/feel Helprace offers fully customizable (editable) email templates with a number of of placeholders. Some examples of placeholders are {$ticket.title} or {$ticket.comments}. Inputing these commands into your email template inserts the ticket title or replies to that ticket, respectively
Ticket views/filters Search parameters or existing searches can be saved as a filter for later use. Filters are divided into two types: shared filters, which are accessible to all team members and personal filters only seen by you
Ticket activity log Every ticket has a built-in activity log that agents can refer to at anytime The ticket log includes ticket statuses, participants, subject, priority, etc. It also registers when someone replies to a ticket or receives an email notification
Internal staff notes Collaborate on tickets privately in real time. Leave notes to yourself or get your whole team involved in support
Ticket assignment Assign tickets yourself (manually) or using case rules (automatically)
Ticket priorities Set ticket priority anywhere from low to urgent, and everything in between
Personalized emails This feature allows you to automatically include the agent’s name in the “from” field of the email message. This makes conversations with clients more personalized
Work on tickets via email Respond to tickets and manage them using #commands in your email account when you can’t get to your Helprace admin panel. All your changes will be reflected in the Helprace
Drafts Return to abandoned ticket replies even after you forget to submit them due to a closed tab, crashed browser or more
Multiple email accounts Set multiple email mailboxes to handle a variety of support functions. Assign team members to a specific mailbox
Inserting articles into tickets Insert links to knowledge base articles or community topics into tickets by searching or selecting from recommended suggestions
Satisfaction rating Customer satisfaction ratings allow end-users to leave feedback on their support experiences after a ticket is solved or reply is received
Agent collision detection Agent collision detection alerts agents when other agents are viewing or updating the same ticket. It helps prevent multiple agents from replying or modifying a ticket at the same time
Macros Macros allow agents to insert saved replies and change multiple ticket properties with one click. Macros improve productivity of your agents and simplify ticket management
Case rules Ticket rules (such as triggers and automations) do all the dirty work for you. Assign tickets to the right agents, close tickets after a period of inactivity following resolution or send follow-ups when the ticket is marked urgent. Create your own case rules to optimize your workflows
SLA escalation, management Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are agreed upon measurements of the average response and resolution times that allow you to track agent performance and meet support goals
Real-time data Keeps tickets page in the Admin Panel always up-to date. You won’t miss new tickets, other agent replies to the ticket you’re viewing, etc.
Crowd-sourced help The Helprace community is a one-stop support solution designed to get customers sharing, seeking out and getting help
User feedback Users can ask a question, suggest an idea, report a problem or give praise. Engage users from the support portal or your website
Instant answers When users start a new topic, they’re presented with instant suggestions that often address their request and prevent creation of duplicate topics
Categorization Add categories to your “feedback modules” for more specific conversations
Activity stream Real-time feed on your support home page logs all activity so that no one misses a beat. Pretend you’re FBI and spy on your user’s public activity: what they like, support, post, write and follow. Useful to keep track of your lazy co-workers and celebrity users
Related topics A topic doesn’t quite answer your question in full? Related topics are cultivated automatically in the sidebar using our Helprace Topic Similarity Analyzer™
Drafts Keep working on topics, replies and comments in your community even after you forget to save them
Mark best replies This feature allows agents to mark user replies as best and have them show up at the top. Useful for busy topics with many responses
Customizable voting Customize user voting preferences for comments and replies. Enable voting up only, up/down or in multiple increments. Disable voting altogether
Agent collision detection Agent collision detection alerts agents when other agents are updating the same community topic. It helps prevent multiple agents from modifying a topic at the same time
Knowledge Base
Smart self-service Helprace Knowledge Base articles show up in search results, eliminating the need for digging around in the support portal
Wide article placement Knowledge Base articles show up all across Helprace: in the Community, Feedback Widget and update feeds
Draft before publishing Draft mode keeps articles saved while you work on them. Articles are saved as draft by default, so that an unfinished article isn’t posted by accident. By “unpublishing” an article, you switch back to draft mode, hiding it (letting you collaborate with your team)
Categorization Add categories for different subject matter in your Knowledge Base
Related articles If a particular article doesn’t answer your question in full, fear not. Related topics are cultivated automatically in the sidebar
Drafts Keep working on articles, replies and comments in your knowledge base even after you forget to save them
Article usefulness rating This feature helps improve your Knowledge Base articles by allowing users to mark them useful or not useful
Agent collision detection Agent collision detection alerts agents when other agents are updating the same knowledge base article. It helps prevent multiple agents from modifying an article at the same time
Multiple Product Support
Multiple¬†spaces Separate your products, departments or subsidiaries into separate spaces. A “Space” is a separate Helprace homepage with its own feedback modules, knowledge base, updates and activity feeds
Internal spaces Internal spaces are private spaces only visible and accessible by company staff members
Feedback Widget for website The Feedback Widget allows your customers to search for feedback and provide their own without leaving your website
Feedback Widget plugin for WordPress The Feedback Widget Plugin for WordPress brings your feedback tab right to your blog or website
Google Analytics Link Google Analytics to your Helprace account and keep track of site traffic
Facebook “like” box Invite users to “like” your Facebook page right from your Helprace support portal
Developer API Helprace API lets you incorporate client applications and integrations into your own system
Security & Authentication
Social sign-in No need to waste time on registration. Sign-in using your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Google+
SSL encryption SSL encryption for users and customers connecting to your Helprace
Single sign-on (SSO) Use existing authentication mechanisms with Helprace to provide access for your team. JWT
Network access restriction Allow certain IP ranges access to your Helprace or deny anonymous access
Helprace Product Support
Self-service (Community + KB) We provide support using our own Helprace Community Pages and Knowledge Base
Email support Helprace email/tickets support (using our very own software, of course)
Phone support Helprace telephone support during working hours
Launch guidance On-boarding, training and best use practices are some types of guidance we provide. Available only on the Targeted and All-In plans
Migration from Vendor Helprace provides assistance in migrating your user base and content from other vendors
Common Features
Localization Set your own language in the help desk and user portal. Provide support to customers from around the world in the language of your choice: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. You can find the most recent list of available localizations, suggest your own translations, or request translation to your language on our Translation Portal.
Spam filtering Spam filtering and “quarantining” lets you to decide whether you want to keep the offending messages. This feature moderates user emails and community posts
Following and notifications By following a topic you get an email notification of any activity in that topic. When creating a topic, you’re automatically subscribed to all its notifications. You’re also subscribed when you interact with the topic in any way, ie. vote on a reply. You can reduce notifications to a daily digest or turn them off altogether. If agents wish to, they can subscribe to all activity in the support portal
Categorization Ability to categorize all content in your Help Desk, Community and Knowledge Base
Sharing Share topics or articles of interest using email or social media with a single click
Tagging This feature allows you to add tags to tickets and topics. Tags can be used in search queries, filters, triggers and automations to assist in searching and workflows. In addition, your users can set tags when creating topics in the support portal
RSS syndication RSS feed syndication with updates in your Helparce support portal and the global user activity feed. Company spaces have their own feeds
Rich text (WYSIWYG) Rich text editor (WYSIWYG) for all content generation in Helprace. Meaning, it’s available for tickets, topics and replies. You can turn it off for tickets, if you prefer to use plain text
Images & video Insert images and videos from the web directly into your Helprace content
Image uploads (Helprace cloud) Ability to upload images to the Helprace cloud. This ensures fast loading times and top-notch reliability. Available only on the Targeted and All-In plans
Attachments Ability to upload a wide range of files to complement your content. Available only on the Targeted and All-In plans
Searchable attachments Ability to search within uploaded document files, including file names and content
Attachment size limit (MB) Maximum size for a single attachment or image in MB. There is no limit regarding combined attachment size or number of attachments

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