• Start Merging in Helprace: Updates for the Fall Season

    Tue, 5 Sep 2017, in Helprace, Releases

    Helprace Merging

    For most of us, the end of summer marks that feeling of self-reflection. While the days are getting shorter and colder, we’re busy as ever making Helprace better than ever. This week’s updates revolve around that single urge to clean everything up: the all-important Merge function.

    And it’s coming to Helprace to make help desk housekeeping easier.

    Without further ado, let’s get Merging!

    Merging Tickets

    Sometimes, an irate customer can send you a number of emails regarding the same (or related) issues.

    Our new Merge feature allows you to combine these emails into one conversation stream so you can easily reply to all their questions at once.

    Ticket Merging

    The best part? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. In the sidebar under ‘Previous Interactions’, you can preview the other ticket, which you can merge into the ticket you’re already in. Read more in our merging tickets article.

    Merging Topics

    Ever see the same old idea or question submitted multiple times? It may be flattering to see so much activity in your customer community, but dealing with duplicate topics can be annoying.

    In any case, you’d probably delete the offending submissions and move on.

    But what if users have already voted and commented on each idea? You’d be at a risk of losing precious data that your users have already shared with you.

    Community Merging

    Fear no more! Now you don’t have to worry about losing votes, followers and all that important data that helps you make better product decisions. Here’s what gets saved (and how):

    • Replies
    • Comments
    • Content of the source topic(s) becomes a reply in the destination topic.
    • If a user followed one of the old topics, they will be following the merged one.
    • Unique votes are combined together. If a user votes for both topics, the higher vote will be preserved.

    For more info, head on to our merging duplicate community topics article.

    Merging People

    Once in a while you’ll get the same customer sending you emails from two or three different email addresses. While this may work for them, this can be a hair-pulling ordeal on your end.

    When you merge users together, all their profile data, ticket history, community activity – including started topics, votes and comments get combined in one profile.

    You can also merge multiple users generated from different email accounts together. Select the user profile and merge it into the right person. Easy!

    That’s all, folks!

    Hope this update is welcome addition to your fall cleaning checklist. We’ll be making another announcement in a little while, so stay tuned :)

    By the way…

    Got any questions or concerns? Jump to our support portal and drop us a line! Better yet, suggest what you’d like to see next and maybe we’ll build it!


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