• It’s About Time: Customer Support in Real Time

    Wed, 20 Apr 2016, in Helprace, Releases

    Customers are used to blazing fast support. And they expect it from you, too.

    Customer support in real time with Helpracephoto credit Les Pickstock

    More often than not, the difference between a loyal customer and a lost customer is how they perceive your support. After each service experience, customers usually think, “That was quick & easy”, “That was a bit inconvenient” or “Darn it, what a waste of time!”

    For agents to offer lightning-fast support to their customers, they need to have all the right information at their fingertips. By providing support in real time, your team can keep moving faster and keep customers staying happy.

    So as part of this update, we’re happy to announce real-time ticketing in Helprace, informing your agents of every minor change immediately as it happens in their service desk.

    Introducing real-time data for tickets

    With real-time data for tickets, everything in your Tickets section of the Admin Panel will stay up-to-date:

    Ticket view – You’ll be able to see changes as they happen to a ticket you’re in. Most noticeably, ticket properties and replies will be highlighted in green as they’re added or changed.

    Real-time ticketing in Helprace

    Imagine this scenario: Two agents open a ticket. One makes changes and updates it while the other walks away from the desk. By the time the missing agent returns, they’ll see any and all changes highlighted in green.

    Ticket list – You don’t have to actually be in a ticket to benefit from real-time data. Your ticket list is updated as tickets are solved, moved or deleted. It’s done instantaneously and reflected for all agents.

    Real-time ticket list updates in Helprace

    Ticket filters – Filters are saved searches which act as separate ticket views. If the number of tickets changes in a particular filter, you’ll know immediately – even if you’re working within this filter.

    Improve agent productivity

    The moment your agents log in to their help desk, they’d rather have nothing in the way between them and an empty inbox. They want the most recent and accurate information as they’re sending replies, private notes and checking ticket statuses. Real-time ticketing saves your agents much-needed time when it comes to responding and solving support requests. As quickly as possible.

    Improve customer satisfaction

    Just as customers are used to getting immediate answers the old-fashioned way (by giving you a call, visiting you in person or finding the right knowledge base article), customers have grown to expect answers within moments of placing their request via email, too.

    Besides, customers that receive fast responses are as likely to publicly praise your business to your team and customers as to their friends and followers. Isn’t this the best type of advertising any company could ask for?

    Stay tuned for more!

    At Helprace, we want to empower your team with everything they need to keep customers coming back. Although real-time ticketing may sound self-explanatory, we invite you to learn more about how it works in our knowledge base article: Real-time support for tickets. Real-time ticketing will be available in all Helprace plans.

    Have an idea for something you’d like to see next? Please share your idea and we’ll keep you posted on its status!

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