• Introducing Helprace Apps: Mold Support to Your Business

    Fri, 29 May 2015, in Releases

    As if you didn’t already know…

    We pride ourselves on being able to offer a support solution via the help desk, knowledge base and community. Yet some of our customers were frustrated by the inability to turn off support channels and feedback options they weren’t using. We admit that we were a bit clunky on that front.

    Until now.

    We’re happy to announce a huge improvement to Helprace – one that puts you in the driver’s seat! It’s an important milestone for us, as it presents a bit of a directional shift in how we deliver our product to our clients. We learned that every company is unique in size, growth trajectory and most importantly in their approach to support. Helprace’s Apps is the result of our efforts.

    What are Apps?

    Apps is the management center for your Helprace account that allows you to enable or disable the three Helprace support components (Knowledge Base, Tickets and Community). Communities can be further customized to reflect your business needs and the level of engagement you’d like to offer your end-users.

    By default, Helprace enables all support channels in your account as shown below. This means that end-users are able to read knowledge base articles, submit requests or participate in the community via your support portal.

    Match your customer service to your business goals with Apps

    The Community channel has further customization options. By enabling specific self service channels, you can increase value during product development, create buzz before product launch or adapt support to reflect changes in customer expectations.. As a result, your support is literally molded around your business (sans the unnecessary fat).

    Using Apps

    Apps can easily be accessed from the Settings page of your admin panel. This allows you to apply changes instantly and pivot your support in real time, capturing valuable customer data when you need it most. When you disable a channel, staff and user-generated information remains on the servers, allowing you to re-activate surveys and feedback campaigns where you left off. In short, Apps let you unlock the right tools in your support arsenal as your traffic and business grows.

    What’s next for Helprace Apps?

    We’ve been working hard to cover all the bases with Apps, but work is far from over. One of our more ambitious plans is expanding Apps to include integrations with your favorite products. The plan is to display information that would add context to your customer and your relationship for a better customer experience.

    Of course, don’t hesitate to suggest what you’d like to see in Apps. We’re all (impatiently) looking forward to your feedback :)

    Until next time!


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