Create Public or Private Issue Portals

Create Public or
Private Issue Portals


Gather Feedback Anywhere on Your Site

Gather Feedback
Anywhere on Your Site


Collect Issues from Phone Calls

Collect Issues
from Phone Calls

Capture, Process & Resolve

Problem Management at Every Milestone

  • New

    Recently added issue unaddressed by product team

  • Acknowledged

    Issue accepted and progress timeline established

  • In Progress

    Work started and release slated by certain time period

  • Solved

    Issue has been resolved and fully implemented

Problem Management at Every Milestone

Draw Attention to the Important

Control All Communication and Interactions

  • Hassle Free Posting

    Allow users to report issues without the need to register or log in

  • Duplicate Detection

    Similar content finder for teams to detect and merge duplicates

  • Close to Comments

    Lock resolved discussions automatically or disable comments when needed

  • Moderation

    Approve posts before they go live or review them afterwards

Control All Communication and Interactions

Collaborate During the Life Cycle

Manage Input Between Teams and Customers

  • Set Status

    Update and inform customers of problem status

  • Vote

    Vote for an important topic or helpful solution

  • Show Related Topics

    Similar posts keep the answer within reach

  • Follow Discussions

    Subscribe to topic updates that matter to you

  • Share with Others

    Share topics on social media or by email

  • Mark Best Reply

    Pin the best answer to the top of the discussion

  • Discuss

    Talk to prospects, customers and team members

Collaborate During the Life Cycle Manage Input Between Teams and Customers

Get Fewer Support Emails

Integrate your contact form with your issue list

Show relevant incidents and avoid repeat emails

Get Fewer Support Emails

Boost Team Productivity

Powerful Community Management Tools

  • Actions on Behalf of Users

    Post and vote on behalf of those that don't have time to participate

  • Merge Topics Together

    Merge duplicates & combine discussions into one

  • Activity Stream

    Catch everything that happens within your community

  • Common Problems

    Gauge the severity of a problem according to your customers

  • Intelligent Search

    Find what you need with a simple search that indexes answers in real-time

  • Topic Linking

    Easily link to content in tickets, articles and other topics

Powerful Community Management Tools

Make Helprace Your Own

  • Don't Hold Back

    Share all types of graphics, code snippets and videos in discussions

  • Change the Layout

    Customize the header, footer and CSS of your community

  • Create Multiple Sites

    Create multiple sites to accommodate multiple products, services or departments

  • Private Forums

    Make your entire community private or restrict access to specific forums

  • Multiple Languages

    Create your community in any language

  • Custom Domain

    Make your brand stand out. Assign a custom domain alias to your community

Make Helprace Your Own

Teams, User Groups and Organizations

  • User Groups

    Engage with expert users, target beta testers and capture what your most valuable customers have to say

  • Team Access

    Involve development and technical staff in resolutions and ensure everyone's voice is heard

  • Organizations

    Gather suggestions from users of a specific organization or affiliation

Teams, User Groups and Organizations Helprace Teams, User Groups and Organizations

Works on All Devices

Works on All Devices

We're Not Done Yet!

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  • Convert Topics

    Move community topics to other feedback types and categories

  • Categories

    Organize and divide your community up for more specific discussions

  • Search Suggestions

    Search hints and suggestions retrieve content from across your Helprace

  • Agent Collision Detection

    Avoid overwrites and duplicate submissions by team members

  • Crowdsource Your Support

    Let customers help each other and reduce support loads for your team

  • Developer API

    Integrate your community with your website or app using Helprace REST API

  • Feedback Widget

    A tab on your website for customers to search for articles and provide feedback

  • SSO

    Integrate Helprace with the sign in system of your app or website

  • Webhooks

    Relay data to your system. Call a script on your server during events in Helprace

+ 100s more features

Awesome Customer Service in Every Industry

Helprace customers make mobile apps, manufacture plastic goods, create audio solutions, develop geographic information systems. They work in chemical, real estate, and blockchain industries.

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