Blend personal and crowd-sourced support in a sexy package

Tear down the walls between traditional CRM, help desk and community management.
Offer customers actionable solutions at every point of contact.

An agent interface that doesn’t get any simpler

Address requests wherever they come from in an intuitive, email-like interface!

  • email manage email messages with a breeze
  •   community jump right into forum discussions
  •   feedback widget address requests originating from the feedback tab
  •   contact form messages submitted using the support portal

Be there even when you’re not

Have your answers ready when customers hit search.
Reduce support loads.

Engage customers like never before

Fuel discussions with a feedback-based community.
Keep activity on your turf!

Feedback Widget

Turn lonely site visits into conversations and make your company truly customer-centric.

Support in your language

Don’t let language barriers get in the way of support! Set your help desk interface and user portal to your language of choice.

Make Helprace your own

Your business is one-of-a-kind, just like your support. Customize Helprace to reflect your brand.

  • company categories (spaces)
  • your own logos, CSS and HTML
  • custom domain mapping

Scalable platform for smooth sailing

Helprace is built on proven architecture for stellar up-time and security.

  • Single Sign-On
  • Cloud attachments, embedding
  • SSL secure network

Place links to articles and
community topics into tickets

Reference your knowledge base or community content by placing links into your tickets with just a few clicks.

Insert saved replies and
change ticket properties

Eliminate repetitive ticket actions with macros: set pre-made replies and ticket properties all with a single click.

Work together as one entity

Assign, auto-assign or simply accept tickets yourself and provide seamless, consistent support at all times.

Get productive with filters

Categorize your tickets to fit your workflows. Establish multiple ticket queues so that nothing falls between the cracks.

Top-secret collaboration

Share classified information between team members with private notes. Review, advise and work together on the most challenging tickets.

Do everything without lifting a finger

Establish case rules including triggers and automations. They run behind the scenes when certain conditions are met, so you can focus on making customers happy.

Promise and Deliver with SLA

Everyone likes those who keep their word. Establish Service Level Agreement targets to monitor agent performance and meet goals.

Make life easier with ticket tags

Add tags to your tickets to assist in searching and filing purposes. Tags can be used with case rules, too.

Collect customer
Satisfaction ratings.

Find out how well (or poorly) your agents are doing by empowering customers to leave feedback on their support experience.

Agent collision and
Real-time updates.

See changes to tickets as they happen and alert staff when others are viewing or updating the same ticket.

A single inbox
For all conversations.

Whether customers reach you through email, the support portal or other channels, you get front-row seats with Helprace.

Personalize everything. Show that you care.

Have your name show up in the email’s “from” field for that personal touch. Add placeholders and refer to customer’s name, time, priority and more.

Ticket Statuses
For speedy service.

Just mark, assign, file, and forget about it! Track tickets by urgency levels or make custom labels for sorting.

Customer profiles.
For a perfect first impression.

Everything you need to know to say the right thing. Monitor cross-channel activity and view personal data using customer profiles.

Be in the loop
With an activity feed.

All information is exactly where you need it, including changes, additions and user activity.

Feels just like email.
But only if you want it to.

Don’t bother your customers with logins or ticket numbers. Want HTML email messages? It’s all up to you.

Helprace plays nice
With your email account.

Respond to tickets right from your email account. It’ll update automatically in Helprace. Got a customer request in your email inbox? Forward it to Helprace to turn it into a ticket.

The power of Helprace.
Right in your personal inbox.

Can’t access your Helprace? No problem. Assign tickets, change statuses with commands directly from your email inbox.

Real, crowd-sourced feedback.

Let customers help you help them. Give site visitors actionable resources to ask, suggest, report or give kudos. Tie it all together with powerful search.

Arrange topics your way

Set default sorting characteristics by paying attention to what your customers say. See what’s most recent, what’s been up voted or trending among your users.

Every vote counts.
And you get to do it.

Enable thumbs up, up/down or incremental voting. If it’s not your thing, you can disable voting altogether.

Pick out the best apples

For those rare cases when customers give your support a run for their money. Mark comments as “best reply” and have them show up at the top of the page.

Your feedback filing cabinet

Don’t feel like having all your questions, ideas or praise in one pile? Create sub-folders and categorize content into sections.

SEO optimization.

Everyone knows that organic web traffic is the best traffic of all. Helprace is designed to quietly direct SEO traffic to your site.

Instant answers.
Even at 2 am.

Articles show up as search suggestions so that users are directed to the answer without the need to submit a request.

Article placement.

Knowledge base articles are widely placed throughout Helprace. They’re accessible through the Community, Feedback Widget and the “Related” column in the user portal.

Keep things tidy,
Keep them near.

Categorize, move or hide your knowledge base articles. Got new information? Update your articles at anytime.

Find out if your content’s
Helping any.

Let customers be your content jury by allowing them to vote on article usefulness. Gather feedback and improve your content!

Get work done, together.

Keep working on your knowledge base content in private. Publish only when you’re ready. Want to hide an article? Make it private again.

Say it all without holding back

Say everything you need to by attaching images, files, tables and dividers. You can also show off videos and animations.

One-Stop Feedback Widget

Dress up your website with a Helprace feedback widget. Your community and knowledge base are always a click away.

Make Helprace yours

Arrange everything to suit your desires. Set default sorting characteristics for all types of customer feedback.

Always be in the know

Your support portal features an activity feed with RSS syndication so that you never skip a beat when it comes to what’s going on.

Just log-in and go

There’s no consultation, activation or clumsy setup procedures. Enable sign-in using your social media accounts.

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