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Developement center: Kyiv, Ukraine

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Helprace (pronounced [help·reɪs]): A competition in which participants strive to provide the best customer service.

Helprace is a cloud-based customer service application for companies looking to build a connection with their customers. With Helprace, companies can start off with basic support, populating their self-service portal and customer community as their brand evolves.

It all started with one great idea. Sans garage or funding.

The idea for Helprace came about due to a lack of an all-in-one, holistic support solution. Back in 2011 our founder and CEO Gregory Koldirkaev thought the customer service software market was fragmented and lacked cohesion. “Everyone had their blinders on, from help desk providers to knowledge base guys to community managers” he recalls. “But together, they presented value that was hard for me to ignore”.

Under the leadership of Gregory, we’re constantly growing and adding exciting features to ensure that Helprace is the best way to keep customers happy.

Meet our team: customer service gurus, software geeks, beer connoisseurs and nerf warriors. We have a uniting goal: to help companies keep their customers happy.

Gregory's Photo

Gregory the customer service guru

Our founder and CEO Gregory has an uncanny ability to obsess over how to possibly make companies understand their customers better. Before Helprace, Gregory introduced successful knowledge base software at WSS Inc.

In his spare time, Gregory likes to dabble in the stock market and seek out restaurants that go above and beyond in customer service. We’re not surprised!

Serge's Photo

Serge the nerf warrior

Serge has been around at Helprace before the name was concieved. He is tasked with project development, backend development setting up an occasional Nerf ambush.

Serge helps establish the technology direction at Helprace ensuring that the company is able to meet the needs of all our customers. He is a graduate of Software engineering at NAU.

Slavik's Photo

Slavik the workaholic

Slavik is the go-to-guy 24/7 and that’s usually because he’s always around. He also takes care of backend development and testing at Helprace. Slavik has a degree in Computer Science and 5 years of software development experience.

In his spare time, Slavik likes to spend time playing with lego and his dog. And keeping lego away from the dog.

Inna's Photo

Inna the weaving expert

Inna is a brilliant UI and UX designer. She devotes her time to making Helprace easy and intuitive to use. She goes by the motto, “A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s no good.”

In her spare time Inna likes to weave, watch lesser-known documentaries and listen to music. She’s also a new mom, so it’s a mystery how she can do it all!

Eugene's Photo

Eugene the webmaster

Eugene is the “guy behind the scenes” of our website. He tackles duties related to web development, graphics and testing. Before joining Helprace, Eugene developed many successful online projects.

In his spare time, Eugene enjoys photography and exploring everything the city has to offer.

Edward's Photo

Edward the customer fan

Edward loves customers, even more than our self-proclaimed customer service guru, Gregory. Edward prides himself on product knowledge and capabilities that would put any developer to shame.

Edward likes to cycle and ski on his time off.

Vitaliy's Photo

Vitaliy the beer connoisseur

Vitaliy takes care of business development and pr strategy at Helprace. Before joining us, Vitaliy co-founded and ran a small construction company for two years.

Vitaliy holds a BA from Canada’s Ryerson University. He is a staunch defender of Canadian beer, Toronto Maple Leafs and toque hats.

Anthony's Photo

Anthony the cave explorer

Anthony usually keeps to himself, and we like it that way since he’s really good at keeping tabs on product development and feature implementations. He’s also a pretty big fan of tea.

Anthony feels most comfortable in caves.

Interested in joining us?

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about building a great product with even better people. Every day, we inspire each other to learn new things and never stop asking “why”. We think big, reach big, and have fun along the way!

What’s it like to work for Helprace?

Customer fanatics

We’re all customer service gurus, whether we like to admit it or not. We put the customer first though all business, design and implementation decisions. If this is you, we’ll get along :)

Flexible work hours

We understand that everyone has their own schedule and productivity periods. We prefer to accomodate everyone at their best – whether it’s at 8 am or 8 pm!

Our home away from home

We are always on the lookout to improve the way we work. We strive to create a comfortable, transparent work environment free of buerocracy and deadlines.

Just a cool place to work

Helping you achieve your personal and professional goals is important to us. We offer paid vacations, health coverage and the right tools for you to succeed.

Helprace Timeline

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